Founded in 1961, Soyak Group operates in four fields: real estate, energy, cement and casting.

The corporate strategy of Soyak Group is to become a leader in all industries in which it operates, and to contribute to sustainable development and the creation of a better future as a company that cares for the environment and society's values. Accordingly, the Group assists in the development of the real estate, energy, cement and casting industries, committed to providing long-lasting services without compromising the reliability and stability it has established in domestic and international markets.

Leveraging an experience and knowledge of more than fifty years with pioneering investments, Soyak Group strives for continuous improvement and sets an example for other industry players with its vision of becoming an international enterprise with eleven companies, a dynamic team of 1,400 people and advanced technology. Total assets of Soyak Group stood at 1.578 million USD in 2012. In addition to their size, Soyak Group companies embrace a management approach based on corporate governance principles and centered on customer orientation and efficiency. This approach is supported not only by financial gains but also by an understanding of social responsibility which benefits and will continue to benefit the whole society. With this commitment in mind, social responsibility projects are undertaken, focusing particularly on education and the environment, in order to raise the awareness of younger generations.

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