Quality is the primary concern that governs our business processes and the way we do business. Every action that will have an impact on the company and the public is based on the perception of quality.

Creation of a Non-Discriminatory, Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Being the first Turkish holding company to receive the SA 8000 Social Accountability Management System Certificate, which aims to guarantee the basic rights of workers, we are committed to providing a non-discriminatory, safe, healthy, honest and fair workplace for our employees. We make the necessary contribution to our employees' personal development, support them to voluntarily participate in appropriate social activities with an awareness of social responsibility and to balance their private life with their professional life.

Legal and Ethical Competition

We target robust growth that will help us compete both domestically and internationally. We are committed to providing long-lasting services without compromising the reliability and stability we have established in domestic and international markets. We avoid unfair competition practices that would violate legal and ethical principles while providing services. We respect the tradition and culture of Turkey and other countries where we engage in international projects. We avoid offering and receiving valuable gifts, goods or services.

Responsibility towards Society and Humanity

Education efforts and projects for the protection of democracy, human rights, social culture and the environment are important to us. We assume a pioneering role in social matters as a responsible corporate citizen and participate in related non-governmental institutions, philanthropic organizations and suitable activities. Embracing social responsibility as part of our corporate culture, we prioritize continuity when planning activities in this area. Our purpose is to develop projects that are compatible with current global conditions, would contribute to the country's progress and society's well-being and create employment opportunities.

Caring for the Environment and Protecting Natural Resources

We assume responsibility in protecting the balance of Nature so that Nature will be generous to us. We are aware that natural resources are invaluable and we emphasize environmental sustainability in all investments and projects. Using environment-friendly technologies and materials in products and services, we meet our responsibility towards our country and future generations, and engage in corporate social responsibility projects that focus on saving energy and protecting the environment.

Respect for Knowledge and Expertise

We base our actions on sound reason and knowledge. Ensuring productivity with maximum benefit and minimum cost is essential for us.

Embracing Change and Transformation

We keep an open mind for new ideas, methods and applications in order to seize the potential for change to the fullest possible extent.

Being Result-Oriented

The priority of our projects is to achieve outcomes that would serve the best interests of our customers and nation. We implement result-oriented business processes with perfectionist business models in areas that improve our competitiveness and offer high growth potential.


We carefully protect all confidential information concerning our customers, employees, suppliers and all other third parties that we collaborate with.

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