The organizational structure of Soyak Holding was designed to allow us to keep abreast of economic and technological developments and emerging trends and to ensure maximum responsiveness to innovative practices, for the purpose of meeting customer expectations to the maximum possible extent.

Under the restructuring program launched in 2008, we studied the organizational structures of highly successful companies in Turkey and abroad. The new organizational structure was created by integrating the results from this review into Soyak's targets, activities and holding structure. Thanks to the flexibility of this new structure, the holding will adopt new practices to improve business processes in line with recent developments.

Soyak Holding Departments

The Human Resources and Quality Directorate, Legal Affairs Directorate, Strategic Planning and Business Development Directorate, Financial Affairs Directorate, Real Estate Group Companies Financial Affairs and IT Coordination Office, Corporate Communications Coordination Office, Finance and Accounting Coordination Office and Special Coordination Office report directly to the CEO.

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