Embracing social responsibility as an integral part of its corporate culture, Soyak prioritizes continuity when planning its activities. For Soyak, it is vital that social responsibility activities are based on sustainable projects so that any value created can be carried forward into the future.

Soyak adopts this approach in its social responsibility efforts and focuses on environmental sustainability in social projects.

Project "Save a Drop for the Future":

Embracing the principle of sustainable living, Soyak Holding started the project "Save a Drop for the Future" in 2007 to raise awareness about the risk of water scarcity due to climate change. The purpose of the project was to promote water saving in the entire society and prevent future generations from facing scarcity of water, which is vital for every aspect of our lives, and to help the next generation develop a sense of responsibility in this critical issue.

The project was initiated in the field of education to raise awareness in the younger population as a priority. Water-saving arrangements and renewals were made in the water consumption channels of 33 public schools in İzmir and Istanbul, accompanied by awareness-raising activities, which provided access to 102,000 people and resulted in water savings of 60%.

Soyak Holding cooperated with Çiğli Rotary Club under the "Save a Drop for the Future" project, to renew the water systems of 15 public schools in İzmir in 2007 and 18 public schools in Istanbul in 2008 to achieve water saving. At schools included in the project, educational activities were also organized to promote conscious consumption of water at school and expand the social impact of the project. Savings were calculated by comparing the water consumption levels before and after replacement of materials.

In 2009, drawing, poetry and article writing contests were organized between participating schools under the title of "Save a Drop for the Future" to help the next generation develop a sense of water saving.

In 2008, the 1st Soyak Virtual Dam application was launched on Facebook, a web-based social network, to emphasize the importance of water savings achieved with minor changes in water consumption behavior and to ensure that the project reaches different segments of society over the Internet. 15,736 users saved 723,000 tons of water in the application, which was available on the website of Soyak Yapı. So, the "1st Soyak Virtual Dam" Facebook project achieved a reservoir fullness rate of 33.2%.

Schools included in the Project "Save a Drop for the Future" in İzmir:

  1. Atakent Anatolian High School
  2. Behçet Uz Anatolian High School
  3. Çiğli Rotary Trade Vocational High School
  4. Gazeteci Çetin Altan Anatolian Technical High School
  5. Gazi High School
  6. Gümüşpala Anatolian High School
  7. Karşıyaka Anatolian High School
  8. Karşıyaka Anatolian Vocational and Girls Vocational High School
  9. Karşıyaka High School
  10. Mehmet Ali Lahur Trade Vocational High School
  11. Naime Tömek Trade Vocational High School
  12. Necip Demir Trade and Anatolian Vocational High School
  13. Süleyman Demirel High School
  14. Şehit Ali Karaoğlan High School
  15. Vali Erol Çakır High School

Schools included in the Project "Save a Drop for the Future" in Istanbul:

  1. Yenişehir Erkut Soyak High School
  2. Yenişehir Bilge Soyak Primary School
  3. Göztepe Yılmaz Soyak Primary School
  4. Kartal Yakacık High School
  5. Hacı Hafize Bayraktar High School
  6. DISK Anatolian Textile Vocational High School
  7. Burak Bora Anatolian High School
  8. Süleyman Demirel High School
  9. Zehra Mustafa Dalgıç Trade Vocational High School
  10. Kadriye Moroğlu High School
  11. İsmet Aktar Industry Vocational High School
  12. İMKB Halkalı Vocational High School
  13. Gazi Anatolian High School
  14. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Anatolian High School
  15. Şehit Binbaşı Bedir Karabıyık High School
  16. Halkalı Trade Vocational High School
  17. İMKB Atakent Industry Vocational High School
  18. Sabahattin Zaim High School
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