Soyak seeks to pioneer projects in the field of social responsibility. Being aware that education is one of the most important forces shaping the future of a country, Soyak contributes to education campaigns in Turkey with the schools that it builds and delivers to the Ministry of National Education.

Yılmaz Soyak Primary School

Opening Date: Yılmaz Soyak Primary School was opened in 1996 and switched to double-shift schooling in the 1998-1999 term.

Number of Students: 1200

Facilities: 16 classrooms, gyms, laboratories, a theater hall and library; Yılmaz Soyak Nursery School was opened in 2003 in an additional building with two classrooms of twenty pupils, one play room and one kitchen.

Bilge Soyak Primary School

Opening Date: 2003-2004 educational year.

Number of Students: 920

Facilities: Bilge Soyak Primary School has 16 classrooms and a gymnasium with the size and capacity of Abdi İpekçi Arena. There are computer and science laboratories and art workshops, which are essential components of modern education. The school yard is closed to vehicles, allocated solely as a safe and healthy recreational area for students.

Erkut Soyak Anatolian High School

Opening Date: Opening in the educational year of 2005-2006, Erkut Soyak High School was converted into an Anatolian High School in 2010-2011.

Number of Students: 1300

Facilities: Erkut Soyak Anatolian High School has a total usable area of 5300 m2 including 18 classrooms (each with a capacity of 30 students), seven laboratories, a library, a 600 m2 conference hall accommodating 300 people, and a versatile gymnasium. The project for the school building was prepared by Architect Mutlu Çilingiroglu. Designed and constructed with an approach that clearly differs from traditional school architecture by using modern construction methods and materials, Erkut Soyak Anatolian High School attracts attention with its terracotta façade, space frame system and natural lighting. The school also has a special elevator and bathrooms for the physically disabled.

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