All Soyak companies hire employees who have a strong team spirit, are open to change, work productively and embrace corporate values.

Selection and Recruitment

In line with our strategic plans and long-term objectives, it is our main purpose to attract the best candidates to our Group and professionally manage the selection process in a systematic manner, by offering equal opportunities to everyone, without any discrimination based on religion, race, language, gender, age, etc., and by recruiting qualified candidates who possess the experience and competencies required by the position.

At Soyak Group, the first interview of the recruitment process is held by Human Resources on the basis of competencies. The candidate's status is reported with respect to the expected experience, qualifications and competencies. Potential candidates approved by Human Resources are assessed by managers of the respective departments for their technical knowledge, suitability for the team, experience and competence to perform their duties in the respective position. Candidates who are positively assessed at all stages are offered the position and hiring procedures are completed. All candidates are notified about the result of their application.

Training and Development

Soyak Holding's human resources processes include training programs designed to help employees adapt to changing global conditions and demonstrate their competencies in a competitive environment for both the holding's and their own interests.

With these trainings, Soyak Holding seeks to create a team composed of individuals who are creative, can solve problems, know how to access, analyze and use information, think flexibly and maintain their social, cultural and professional development throughout their lifetime in accordance with the requirements of the information age.

The first step of the training process is the Orientation Program, which has a very important function in creating a corporate identity and ensuring employees' integration with their teams. The annual Training and Development Plan, which is based on individual Training Need Analyses, also provides continuous development opportunities to employees. In addition, a Talent Pool Program is created in cooperation with independent consulting firms and implemented annually in order to accelerate and measure the development of employees with high potential. Furthermore, a Leadership Development Program with a standard content is implemented by Human Resources for developing the leadership and coaching skills of managers employed at Soyak companies.

To benefit from educational opportunities outside Soyak Holding, a certain number of employees and managers are offered the chance to participate in the MBA programs of member universities, subject to budget limitations. English-language courses are offered to employees in cooperation with foreign language teaching institutions to improve foreign language competencies of employees.

Performance Management

The performance of Soyak Holding employees is measured once every year. The purpose of the Performance Assessment System is to follow up the achievement of annual targets. The system also covers evaluation of productivity and competencies reflecting corporate values, and assessment results are used to plan training and development activities.

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