Supported by Traçim Cement, a company of Soyak Holding, Kırklareli University (KLÜ) Pınarhisar Vocational School "Celalettin Tüfekçi Control and Automation Laboratory" is inaugurated with the ceremony held.

Kırklareli Governor Esengül Civelek, AK Party Kırklareli Deputy Selahattin Minsolmaz, University Rector Mustafa Aykaç, Pınarhisar District Governor Cemal Demiryürek and Traçim Board Chairman Necmettin Tüfekçi have attended to the inauguration ceremony of the laboratory established for the Kırklareli University (KLÜ) Pınarhisar Vocational School Control and Automation Technologies Department with well-equipped infrastructure and contemporary classrooms.

Attending to the inauguration ceremony of "Celalettin Tüfekçi Control and Automation Laboratory" where Traçim Cement financed all the technical equipment, Traçim Cement Board Chairman Necmettin Tüfekçi emphasized the importance they attach to education and said, "We want our youth to be compliant with our era, well-qualified, well-educated, and well-equipped. We closely follow the efforts of vocational schools in raising qualified employees for the private sector, and we are acting upon this. We are very pleased with our support to the Kırklareli University regarding the university-industry cooperation. People are in the focus of all efforts we carry out with the target for a better future. Thus, we will continue with our development oriented efforts particularly within the local community and add value to Kırklareli with the support of modern technology."

About Celalettin Tüfekçi;

Tüfekçi was born in Van in 1925. After high school, he graduated from the Faculty of Law. Following district governor and inspector positions in İzmit, Malatya, Niğde, Balıkesir and Kars, he acted as the Governor of Giresun, Çanakkale and Çorum. Celalettin Tüfekçi also acted as the General Director of Police, and spent the last years of life with his law office in Istanbul, and with the activities of various associations and foundations which he was the founder and chairman of. Construction of Celalettin Tüfekçi Van Culture Solidarity Foundation Girls' Dormitory in Istanbul was completed and put into service in 2015.
University Laboratory Support by Traçim Cement...
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