At the Corporate Social Responsibility Summit held by TÜRKONFED with the aim of raising a social responsibility awareness at the companies, Soyak Holding Corporate Communication Coordinator Fatma Çelenk stated that the companies have a great part in making wide masses to adopt sustainability approach, the most paramount issue of today.

The project of Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), aiming restructuring the business models by raising a responsibility awareness in small and medium sized enterprises, is supported by the Civil Society Dialogue Programme within the scope of the European Union's Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

CSR in the growth of companies, CSR from a civil society perspective, and CSR with sectoral applications were among the topics of the summit held at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus on September 1-2.

The summit brought together the representatives from the non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and Soyak Holding Corporate Communication Coordinator Fatma Çelenk has addressed a speech on "sustainability and social responsibility". In her speech, Çelenk stated that the climate change strategies compel the today's conditions and add new strategic perspectives to the establishments. Çelenk indicated that sustainable development strategies are introduced into growth, responsibility and competition strategies of the establishments and said:

"By being different from the strong brands of the past, today's brands have to develop a successful sustainability strategy in a period where the global problems make the life difficult. Moreover, successful existence of an establishment for long years might end up disappointingly if they cannot develop a correct transformation-integration strategy. It is of paramount importance that transformation is carried out within the scope of a strategy containing an innovative and benefit oriented thinking systematic, so that it can have a contribution on sustainable growth...

Business models not only focusing on the own profitability of the establishment, but also bringing benefits to the relevant society are being established. Thus, social responsibility has also started to enter into the scope of business models. Therefore, managing the risks (reputation-credibility), expanding the opportunities (competent HR, social benefit) and changing the rules of the game (new business model, new markets, consumer trends) stand out as the critical points of transformation. While transforming, the establishment should make the desire for a more sustainable, in other words a livable world prevalent. Pioneering companies have a great part in this."

During her speech, Çelenk pointed out that the social responsibility projects of the establishments developed within the scope of their primary targets can continue for a longer term and add value to the brand recognition and reputation.

Çelenk finished her speech saying, "In the future, business methods will be confronted with transparency, competition and demands more. Establishments arousing a sense of confidence, combining their future plans with correct sustainable strategies, and growing their assets and reputation with transparency and common interest will survive."
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