Soyak Residential Housing's website is renewed according to the today's programming trends. Renewed according to the requests of the users, the website has a more visual energy and is published with an interface taking the consumer habits into account.

Soyak has taken into account the increase in internet use and the change in consumer habits as a result of the technological developments, and renewed its website accordingly. Soyak Residential Housing's renewed website offers a more convenient service to the users, and provides up-to-date information on Soyak's projects and campaigns through high quality images, videos and rich text contents.

Appearing before the users by applying the popular trends of the digital world in its website published with a new interface, Soyak uses Html5 format in the website. Soyak aims providing service to those who do not have an opportunity and time to see the projects on-site by integrating effective visual energy and navigation features to the website. The website, published by considering the customer expectations, also includes a calculation module for calculating the installments in case of using a loan while buying an apartment.

Soyak Residential Housing's new website uses "Responsive Design" technology aiming compliance with mobile technology without any loss in user experience through different screen resolutions of different devices. "Responsive" concept ensures the running of website without any pixel loss on a high resolution screen. Similarly, it reduces the size of the page in a low resolution screen and increases the functionality.

Designed in 2 languages including Turkish and English and integrated with the social media, the new website is available on
Soyak started to provide on-site and remote service
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