The award-winner Smart Stars Energy Saving Corporate Social Responsibility Project of Soyak, aiming to increase energy saving awareness of the elementary school students and to be implemented in 33 state schools in Istanbul and İzmir, has started its second year with new school publicities.

The second year of award-winner "Smart Stars" Corporate Social Responsibility Project of Soyak, focusing on energy efficiency and saving, continues in Istanbul. Receiving "Grand Award in Corporate Social Responsibility Solution of the Year" from CSR Europe and "Environmental Best Solution in Social Responsibility Solution" from CSR Turkey in its first year, Smart Stars Project has started its second year with the publicity meetings held for the students in Başakşehir Mehmet Akif Ersoy Elementary School and Başakşehir Boğazköy Elementary School. Taking the floor in school publicities, Soyak Holding Corporate Communication Coordinator Fatma Çelenk explained "Smart Stars" to the students with didactic stories.

Soyak Holding Corporate Communication Coordinator Fatma Çelenk: "We started to act today, and you will all become a "Smart Star" and ensure energy saving. We are entrusting our future to you."

Giving a speech at the publicity meetings in the schools where Smart Stars will be implemented, Soyak Holding Corporate Communication Coordinator Fatma Çelenk asked the students about the world population today, and highlighted the importance of the task they assume. Explaining the aims of Smart Stars Project in a way that can be understood by the children, Çelenk said, "If we do not save energy, then we will lose the trees, flowers, cute animals and even the earth we are living in the future. This is because we are using the natural resources offered by the earth to us without saving on them. I mean when we waste water, we waste our natural resource waters unknowingly... Maybe we will not find a sea to swim twenty years later. Do you want this to happen? If not, then we start helping both to ourselves and the earth by turning off the taps, riding bicycles, and turning off the lights. Let's all embrace the "Smart Stars" and protect our future."

"Energy Corners", donated to the schools by Soyak, were also inaugurated during the school publicities. During the inauguration of Energy Corner, school directors extended their thanks to Soyak's executives for implementing energy saving in their schools. Energy Corners contain incandescent bulbs and LED lighting, electricity generation with wind turbine and solar panel, carbon dioxide sensor, bus-car-bicycle use, lighting sensor, heat insulation, natural skylight, energy efficient glasses, models on global warming, as well as visuals with essential messages.

Soyak's Smart Stars Project  is in its second year
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