First year of "Green Collar Employees" voluntary project, one of the projects launched by Soyak building its corporate culture on "Sustainable Life Approach", is completed.

Adding another one to its sustainability awareness projects last year, Soyak launched a voluntary program named "Green Collar Employees" for the employees of the company. Aim of the program is encouraging the employees to fulfill some commitments in their both daily and work lives, and to reduce their carbon footprints. In order to receive the Green Collar title, the employees have first signed a goodwill statement and have also approved for the measurement of their carbon footprints. Some of 25 responsibilities committed by approximately 100 Soyak employees with the goodwill statement for fulfilling some responsibilities during a year are as follows;

  • Reducing the use of elevators
  • Using both sides of the papers for printouts
  • Using rechargeable battery instead of normal battery
  • Turning of the unnecessary lights
  • Showing sensitivity for using recyclable materials
  • Turning of the monitors of the computers during breaks
  • Preferring public transportation means
  • Preferring recyclable packages, and using fabric bags instead of plastic bags

The ceremony, held this year during the Environment Protection Week where the most successful Green Collar Employees have received their certificates, has started with the announcement of carbon footprint measurements of approximately 100 Green Collar Employees, and then the most environmentalist Green Collar employees have been selected. During the individual carbon footprint measurements performed last October for the Green Collar Employees, a carbon footprint equal to 510 metric tons of carbon dioxide was calculated; and according to the new measurement results, it's been determined that the total carbon footprint of the Green Collar Employees has reduced to carbon footprint equal to 424 metric tons of carbon dioxide. With this change in figures, Soyak's Green Collar Employees reduced their carbon footprint by 90 metric tons, in other words by 18%, and displayed an exemplary behavior.

While a Green Collar Employee has receive the certificate for "Green Collar Employee with lowest carbon footprint" with a footprint of 0,83 metric ton, "Green Collar Employees" who succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint by 13 metric tons in a year have received their certificates for highest carbon footprint reduction.
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