Soyak, the sustainability based leading brand of the Turkish real estate sector, has received a great interest the foreign investors in Cityscape Global 2015 trade fair held at Dubai on September 8-10. Attending to the trade fair with 4 projects, Soyak hosted more than 500 visitors at the booth.

Soyak introduced its projects in Istanbul and İzmir to the visitors, and the Northern Bahçeşehir project of 5.000 houses has received the highest interest. The project has collected 120 preliminary requests equivalent to approximately 12 million dollars, and has received a great interest from the investors from 100 countries, as well as from 400 Gulf investors.

In the Northern Bahçeşehir project to be comprised of total 5.000 houses with its close location to the 3rd airport and 3rd Bridge linking roads and with its building criteria complying with the LEED Certificate, particularly 2+1 and 3+1 apartments have received a great interest from those who want to buy a house and make investment.

Delivery of the first phase of Soyak Northern Bahçeşehir is planned for 2017 and the prices of apartments from 50 m2 to 150 m2 are in the range of 150 to 400 thousand TL.

"Investments to the sector increase as the opportunities increase"

Indicating his satisfaction with the interest of foreign investors to the new project pre-publicity and existing projects in Dubai Cityscape Global 2015 and his opinions related to the trade fair, Soyak Holding CEO M. Emre Çamlıbel said, "We are expecting an important growth globally for the real estate sector especially in the emerging markets until the year 2020 with the impact of swift urbanization and demographic changes, as well as an increase in the investments made to the sector. Turkey is a country with several advantages for the foreign investors with its growing economy, demographic properties, qualified labor, investment climate open for innovations, geographical position, Europe's energy corridor, low tax rates, and the high domestic market share." Stating that the Turkish real estate sector will receive a new global dimension with the projects such as Istanbul Finance Center, 3rd bridge and new airport, Çamlıbel continued, "As a brand carrying out works that bring sustainability and innovation together, through the Dubai Cityscape Global 2015 trade fair we entered to the Middle East market with high dynamics. We believe that we found the opportunity in here to share both the existing projects on sale and the details of our Northern Bahçeşehir project with the foreign investors."

Pointing out that the interest of Gulf has increased with the increase in US dollar exchange rate, Çamlıbel said, "Residence permit, housing loan for foreigners, and sales bureaucracy related to the foreigners are the three issues that are very important for us. Government's support is needed for these three issues in order to make the demand from the Gulf sustainable. If a considerable improvement is provided related to these three issues, then the level of real estate based foreign capital entry would quickly increase from 4-5 billion dollars level to 10-15 billion dollars level. Foreigners buying a house in Turkey make a general contribution to the economy by traveling to Turkey using Turkish airline companies, buying goods from our country, and visiting the other cities as tourists. In addition to this, please note that the industrial production is supported as the materials produced in our country are used while producing the houses sold to the foreigners. Contribution of house sales to the foreigners both to the tourism and employment should not be ignored."

Soyak Launches Mega Green Project at the Northern Bahçeşehir...

Providing information about the mega project of Soyak comprised of 5.000 houses and planned to be delivered in 2017, Dr. Çamlıbel said, "We are launching our new project in Arnavutköy district located at the 3rd Bridge and 3rd Airport area considered as the developing region of Istanbul. We are aiming to provide one of Turkey's biggest "green building" projects consisted of total 5.000 houses together with shopping and sports areas. We held the pre-publicity of our project in the Northern Bahçeşehir at the Dubai CityScape Trade Fair, and we are very pleased with the feedbacks we received from both foreign and domestic investors."
Soyak received a great interest with its Northern Bahçeşehir Project comprised of 5.000 houses in Cityscape Dubai Global 2015
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