Soyak Kristalkule is the only building Turkey in world's best 10 skylines list

Providing service for sharing information about skylines and breathtaking architectural projects from all around the world, Emporis announced the best 10 skylines of the world, selected from more than 300 skylines worldwide. "Soyak Kristalkule" ranked seventh among the world's best skylines list where the Wangjing SOHO in Beijing ranked first and the World Trade Center in New York ranked fourth.

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In the "Skyline Award" organized every year by Emporis, a global information provider on buildings, the projects are automatically selected from the database containing information about the projects carried out in the entire world during the year and eligible for the award criteria. In the contest held for selecting the best architecture and project bringing design and functionality together, best 10 projects were determined with the voting held by the members of the jury constituted of Emporis editors.

LEED Silver certified Soyak Kristalkule as developed by Soyak, which has a 55-year experience in the sector, on their own land for meeting the increasing office need in Istanbul, and the construction was started in 2011 and completed in 2014. Architectural design of the project was prepared by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners (PCF&P) in New York led by the world-famous Architect Henry Cobb. Under the guidance of PCF&P, the project's static design was made by the US-based Thorton Tomasetti and the mechanical and electrical design was made by Jaros Baum & Bolles, while Has Mimarlık, Balkar İnşaat Müh. ve Müşavirlik, Enmar and Dinamik Proje took place in the local project stage. Project's international management was carried out by ARUP.

Principles of contemporary architecture and technology have been applied most innovative and sustainable manner in Soyak Kristalkule designed by an extensive team with the participation of national and international experts.

Constructed in Levent, a valuable business district of Istanbul, with an indoor area of 104.000 m2, Soyak Kristalkule has two office buildings, one is 169 meters tall and the other is 63 meters tall, as well as restaurants, cafeterias, shopping areas, office courtyards, reflecting pools connecting these buildings throughout the area, and a platform structure containing a 5-storey parking lot.

3 main design criteria were targeted since the very early designing phase of Soyak Kristalkule. The first criterion was adding a symbolic value to the silhouette of Istanbul with the first tower located on Büyükdere Street; the second criterion was designing the second tower, located on Çeliktepe side with lower clearance, with a height respecting the area and with compliant materials; and the third criterion was utilizing the narrow, but long land structure most effectively.

Milestone for Soyak Kristalkule's architectural concept, as determined by the Architecture Henry Cobb, is differentiating itself from the monotonous building silhouettes by offering different perspectives from different locations of the building that will be located in the liveliest place of the city and that will accompany millions of citizens passing by every day.

Achieving its iconic form as a result of lessening rectangular prism according to delicate geometrical parameters, Soyak Kristalkule's architectural design target is ensured by offering surprising perspectives to the citizens when looked from different locations as it is located on the junction point of two main arterial roads, Büyükdere Street and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.
Soyak Kristalkule ranks among the best of the world!
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