Turkish Exporters' Assembly's Top 1.000 Inventory Result Report 2014 is announced during the previous days. Taking place in the list including important companies investing to export in Turkey, ERKU made a significant rise in the list compared to the previous year and ranked 471th among 61 thousand exporter companies.

Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) President Mehmet Büyükekşi shared the result report on top 1.000 exporter companies research for the year during the previous days with the public. According to the report announced, total export of top 1.000 exporters has increased to 92,6 billion dollars, up by 2,5 percent compared to the previous year, and the share of these companies in total export is announced as 58,7 percent. Top 500 exporter companies, including ERKU, cover 49,4 percent of Turkey's total export and provided support for an increase of 3,8 percent in total compared to the previous year.

ERKU also ranked 22nd in sectoral for iron and ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector for 2014 and contributed with an approximately 9,46 percent change in export. ERKU moved 44 ranks in the list during the last one year. Establishing its foreign trade plans strategically, ERKU set its target for the future years as rising its position first in the sectoral ranking and then in the general ranking.

ERKU ranked in top 500 exporters list of TİM for 2014!
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